Микросхема управления питанием An3130

Микросхема управления питанием An3130

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The An3130 family is a 3A CMOS LDO linear regulators that features a low quiescent current (90uAtyp.) with ultra low: input voltage (to 1.4V), fixed output voltage (from 0.8V to 5.15V by step 50mV) or adjustable version, and dropout voltage (300mVtyp.), as well as over temperature protection, making them ideal for battery applications. The fixed output voltages are set at the factory (by mask option) and trimmed to ± 1.0 % accuracy.

These rugged devices have both Thermal Shutdown, and Current Fold-back to prevent device failure under the "Worst" of operating conditions.

An additional feature is a "Power Good" detector with open drain output, which pulls low when the output is out of regulation ±10% or ±15% (mask option) at Under voltage or Over voltage conditions, occurred due to low input voltage, current or thermal limiting, or output is pulled up. Over Voltage detector (+10% or +15%) may be not involved (mask option). When the EN pin is pulled low a PG flag output may be invalid (by mask option) for reasons of saving power in shutdown mode. The An3130 is stable with an output capacitance of 4.7uF or greater.

1.4 to 5.5 V
-0.3 to Vin+0.3 V
-40 to +125 C
-65 to +150 C